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In our most magical selves

We stayed away from the ghoulish costumes and all the tricks since the pandemic is scary enough!



For party lovers like me, there are a handful of dates we look forward to the most on our social calendars, and one of them is definitely Halloween! I usually celebrate the day by dressing up our home with spooky decor and Halloween statues. But this year, I had to keep them in storage since trick-or-treating is still not allowed in our village. Though — safety first!

PACQUI Campos, Jojo Zabarte, Henry Zabarte and Lilibeth Campos.

JOHNNY Litton and Tita Trillo.

ROBERT Castañeda and Angel Fenton.

MANETTE Agbayano, Joy Fong and Gela Cornelissen.

But, I still looked forward to Halloween since we can celebrate it normally despite the lockdowns and canceled plans — all thanks to my lovely friends, Marissa Fenton and Cocoy Cordoba, who hosted one heck of a Fairytale Halloween Party last 29 October.

— Lulu Beano and Jinky Rabano.

THE Queens — Mayenne Carmona and Cory Quirino.

JOHN Gaddi and Sonny Tanchanco.

They rented Chef Jessie Rockwell Club for the night just for our little shindig and required the guests to be vaccinated and antigen-tested. We stayed away from the ghoulish costumes and all the tricks since the pandemic is scary enough!

Instead, we chose to live out the idea of a happily ever after and have a blast. Everyone went the whole nine yards for their costumes. We saw lovely princesses and queens, dashing kings and princes, iconic characters, powerful magicians and sparkling fairies. All of us came as our most magical selves. I personally went as a blushing fairy dress. Most of us won as Best Costume. So thoughtful for them to give those awards to make sure we’re all feeling the Halloween spirit.

DR. George Sarakinis, Becky Garcia and Consul Fortune Ledesma.

THE party hosts, Cocoy Cordoba and Marissa Fenton.

Of course, we didn’t forget to enjoy the delicious-beyond-words sit-down dinner with the best menu choices at Chef Jessie. We were also serenaded by the talented Marcy David Sr. as an extra treat for the night.

When it was time to go, I still left feeling positively happy to see many friends and spend time with them away from the tricks of the world.

THE magnificent — Ping Valencia, Agile Zamora and Jean Saburit. / PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF AGILE ZAMORA

Thank you, dearest Cocoy and Marissa, for organizing such a memorable night, and to our sponsors for all the prizes (myself included). Truly, it’s a treat for all of us. Now that’s a party! Can’t wait for the next one. Cheers!