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Inside the ‘Muslim Wedding of the Year’

Omar and Bebbie endured anxiety as the pandemic made events, particularly weddings, wholly reliant on quarantine guidelines and protocols



The bride's family. / Photographs courtesy of ig/niceprintphoto

“Everything’s going to be ‘all white!’”

In what was dubbed by many as the “Muslim Wedding of the Year,” Omar Hussein M. Diamel tied the knot with Bebbie Love Dimapanet in a lush affair at Shangri-La at The Fort Grand Ballroom.

After a tedious two months of preparations, the pair finally decided to marry in a gorgeous, white-themed wedding on 21 October.

“Our wedding theme was originally inspired by the wedding of Neelofa Noor and Haris Ismail (who are) Malaysian influencers,” the couple said.

Newlyweds Sittie Nur Aypah Babylove L. Dimapanat and Omar Hussein M. Diamel.

“Symbolizing a new beginning and a fresh start, the all-white motif and ambiance were achieved and effortlessly pulled off by Teddy Manuel,” the couple added.

Omar and Bebbie endured anxiety as the pandemic made events, particularly weddings, wholly reliant on quarantine guidelines and protocols. They were compelled to move their wedding date to have more time as alert levels in the National Capital Region remained uncertain.

“And Alhamdullilah, Allah SWT blessed our marriage and heard our fervent prayers that even Covid-19 could not postpone our love for each other,” the couple said as the government lifted the alert status from Level 4 to Level 3 just a week before their wedding day.

Omar Hussein Diamel is the eldest son of lawyer Usmin Polao Sarip Diamel and Mrs. Jasmin Diamel. Sittie Nur Aypah is the daughter of former ARMM DOTC Director Pama Datudacula Dimapanat and Ms Noriaza M. Lacoto.

A total of 150 people witnessed Omar and Bebbie’s union. Special guests like Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares, Commission on Audit chair Michael G. Aguinaldo, Secretary Abdullah “Dabs” Mama-o and Rep. Mila Aquino-Magsaysay stood as godparents.

Aside from the elegant bridal gown and suits by Muslim fashion designer Mac Taugand and gorgeous white flower arrangements by renowned florist Teddy Manuel, another notable element in the wedding was the coffee press with honey and ground coffee souvenirs.

The groom’s family

“We are delighted to share to our guests our love for coffee and how a single cup of coffee can uplift and change our moods all throughout the day,” the couple explained.

Omar and Bebbie had known each other since high school but were formally introduced only this year. “In Islam, they say love comes after Nikah (marriage). I truly believe that you definitely know it’s true love when there is peace of mind, heart and soul. That’s how I felt when I met Omar and his parents,” Bebbie said.

And as important as marriage is to the duo, it was just as vital to their parents.

The ceremony came from an arranged marriage, according to Bebbie’s mother, Noraiza Dimapanat. “I asked my daughter Bebbie if she’s amenable to the marriage proposal of Omar, to which she gladly said yes. I believe, waiting is never easy, but we know that it produces much fruit with the guidance of Allah SWT,” she said.

Bebbie is an answered prayer, according to Omar’s mother, Jasmin Diamel. “My son has been patiently waiting for the right woman to spend his life with. And, Alhamdulillah, our prayer works. Sabr (patience) is the key when you earnestly pray to Allah SWT.”