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Bongbong Marcos camp on disqualification complaint: ‘Predictable nuisance petition’



The camp of former Sen. Bongbong Marcos Jr. called “predictable nuisance petition” the formal complaint a group sent the Commission on Elections (Comelec) seeking to disqualify his candidacy for president.

“We shall address this predictable nuisance petition at the proper time and forum after we receive the official copy of the same.

“Until then, we will refrain from commenting on their propaganda. Our camp does not engage in gutter politics. Our campaign is about nation-building.

“For presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos, this election is about the future of the Filipino people.”

On 2 November, six people from various cause-oriented groups, represented by lawyer Theodore Te, petitioned the Comelec to cancel the candidacy of Marcos Jr.

The petitioners — Fr. Christian Buenafe of Task Force Detainees of the Philippines; Fides Lim, Kapatid; Ma Edeliza Hernandez Medical Action Group; Celia Lagman Sevilla, Families of Victims of Involuntary Disappearance; Roland Vibal, Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates; and Josephine Lascano, Balay Rehabilitation Center
— claim “not only has Marcos Jr. been convicted of a crime by final judgment which carries the penalty of perpetual disqualification, his repeated violations of the NIRC (National Internal Revenue Code) and his continued evasion/non-payment of taxes renders his conviction as one involving moral turpitude.

“In fact, the assertions made by respondent Marcos Jr. in the Subject COC are not only false, they are even perjurious — another crime involving moral turpitude.”