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Netizen to schoolmates: This car is yours if you can prove Marcos, Sr. did not steal from gov’t



A netizen has posted on social media an offer to give away his car to schoolmates who can dispute his comments that the dictator Ferdinand Marcos robbed the country blind during his rule.

Carlos Castillo Jr. on 30 October posted on Facebook:

“Truth Challenge. I am giving away this Toyota Vios 1.3 E, M/T to any graduate of my alma mater, St James School of Subic, who believes Marcos, Sr. did not steal from the gov’t, and can provide me evidence to that effect.

“The evidence should be authentic and verifiable, meaning it is not fake, such as but not limited to, court decisions, foreign or local, newspaper reports, articles, or the like.

“The evidence should be convincing enough to overturn the existing evidence that proved Marcos did steal from us, like Supreme Court decisions, government records (PCGG), etc.

“If it is a video, it should be established who made the video and under what evidence was it based.

“I am doing this because I have been branded a liar, or called names, when I posted comments that Marcos, Sr. was a thief, by some graduates who claim to know better on this subject.

“I am putting my money, or in this case, my car, where my mouth is. I hope that they can do the same.”

Castillo Jr.’s post has drawn over 7,000 reactions and over 3,000 shares.