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Green workplaces drive talent recruitment

With green building comes green lifestyle and top-tier talents.



EMPLOYERS and investors need to step up their game in building green workplaces. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF

Employment perks and career growth may be the all-time big guns to acquire talents, but with the resounding calls for sustainability around the world, green workplaces are now seriously considered by aspiring employees.

Recent survey conducted by commercial real estate services company, JLL revealed that 50 percent of the 1,200 office workers in Australia, Greater China, India and Singapore prefer a sustainability leader as an employer. This is with the hopes of having a sustainable workplace that will have a trickle-down effect into having a sustainable work lifestyle.

Green workplace
With an additional requirement to keep up with talent recruitment, investors and employers need to step up their game in establishing green workplaces or else, it will cost them top-tier talents.

The question now is how do we identify that a workplace executes sustainability efforts? Green Building Council of Australia maintains that a workplace is sustainable if its “design, construction and operational practices significantly reduce or eliminate negative impact on the environment and its occupants.”

In short, a green workplace proactively reduces its ecological footprint.

SUSTAINABLE workplaces can equate to a sustainable work lifestyle. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF

Making workplace sustainable
The lexical definition of a green building seems simple but like any other advocacy to be upheld by an organization as big as workplaces, achieving it is easier said than done.

In datastore website Axiom, these ways are considered integral in making the workplace green:

•Reducing use of material resources, waste & environmental degradation
•Reducing pollution of air, earth and water in material sourcing & manufacturing, during construction and over the life cycle of the building
•Reducing damage to natural systems and bio-diversity
•Efficient energy, water and resources
•Providing high quality & healthy productive spaces, utilising elements such as natural light and responsive heating/cooling measures
To effectively implement these ways, some companies might need to do a system overhaul alongside changing the physical aspects of their offices.

Green lifestyle
Since ways to incorporate green features in workplaces heavily rely on policy implementations, there is a huge expectation from employees that working in a green building will grant their longtime goal of living sustainably.

This is heavily reflected by JLL’s survey wherein 91 percent of the respondents look for a workplace with Green rooftops and vertical gardens. 85 percent and 82 percent are longing for e-waste recycle service and flexible transportation respectively. And 70 percent are looking for an office in green-certified buildings.

Meshing everything together, we can say that with green building comes green lifestyle and top-tier talents.