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Miss Cebu is back

Meet the first six of the 12 finalists of ATE and learn more about their advocacies, as they vie for the Ambassador of Goodwill title.



After five years of hiatus, the most prestigious Cebu pageant finally resumes, to everyone’s openhearted delight.

With origins in 1983, the Miss Cebu pageant exposes finalists daily to the island’s history and heritage, cuisine and music. They are immersed in contrasting environments, from the wonderful white sand beaches to the pulsating trade and commerce arenas in pioneering industries.

The ladies undergo rigorous training in aspects such as personality development, public speaking and social graces — to enable them to further empower their advocacies. After all these exposures and eye-openers, truth be told, they do not need to clinch the title — these experiences are already a privilege.

Meet the first six of the 12 finalists and learn more about their advocacies as they vie for the Ambassador of Goodwill title.

Karla Marie Niere
I advocate education for the underprivileged youth. As a student, especially during this pandemic, I have experienced the struggles and difficulties of both online and face-to-face classes. It is important for us to teach these sectors so no one is left behind. We have to continue their education to eliminate the many problems and social issues within the community.

Dannika Ocampo
I have three advocacies: our battle against climate change, caring for mental health and opposing animal cruelty. It is my desire to fight for environmental conservation, promotion of mental
well-being and promote animal welfare. It is vital that we continue to raise awareness on these concerns so we can come up with relevant and sustainable solutions and give hope and inspiration to my fellow Cebuanos.

Cianza Gutierres
As Regional Training Officer on Road Safety Programs in the Transportation Sector, I am privy to the yearly increase of crash incidents which people tend to see as commonplace. There is a need to have a synchronized safety plan that will benefit both drivers and pedestrians and hopefully reduce the number of incidents not just in Cebu, but the entire country. Thus, we preserve the value of human lives.

Christine Rudolph
Street children are close to my heart, so I advocate for their education and medical assistance. My plan is to establish a moving education and medical outlet or coaster, wherein we bring the necessities to the children in need. As a singer and songwriter, I will also promote Cebu tourism through lyrics in songs. We are able to connect better, as music is one way to relay a message.

Christine Aberion
Architecture conservation and social consciousness are my advocacies. As an architectural apprentice and artist, I understand the importance of our local heritage and its conservation for future generations. We should be aware of change so we may form our own opinions and make better decisions. We can bring and improve the community together. The only way to properly move forward is to reflect and appreciate our past.


Bianca Willemsen
My advocacy is for equal opportunities and standard biases in pageantry. Beauty is a hybrid of cultures — it is not limited to a race, age, height or preference. We can sport more curves, have fuller lips and possess darker skin and no height measure. It does not have a concrete definition; it is less defined. Rather, it encompasses a world of ideals. We celebrate beauty and allow ourselves to shine.