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A teaser

In other words, the Sara-Bongbong compromise talk has to untangle a web of personal sacrifices and familial interest. How it will end is anybody’s guess.



Last weekend, the political landscape was abuzz with activities. There was the launch of a national movement through caravans for the candidacy of Leni Robredo. Supporters clad in pink and displaying anything pink, from lowly tricycle drivers and fishermen on boats to the elite onboard their flashy sports utility vehicles, paraded. The movement has literally taken the regions by storm, reminiscent of the “yellow phenomenon” for Cory Aquino.

Not to be outstaged, the administration’s presumptive candidate, who has been silent like a sphinx amid the political noise and hiding from the public eye, came out of her shell. To ensure that her coming out will not go unnoticed in mainstream and in social media, she posted it on her Facebook account. It was clearly by design that she went to Cebu City to meet up with presidential bet Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., who was also visiting the city allegedly to inaugurate his campaign headquarters. It was some kind of a teaser to whet the appetite of a public hungry for political news. True enough, it sparked wild speculation. Opinion writers rushed to their keyboards to conjure up their commentary. Something was afoot, and the two prominent electoral protagonists must be clearly searching for a common ground for alliance — will it be a Sara Duterte-Bongbong Marcos tandem, or the other way around? Where does that leave the administration PDP Laban (Cusi wing) party? What happened to placeholder Senator Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa, who is supposed to give way to Sara Duterte? The Agatha Christie-like mystery is getting complicated.

Marcos has gained headway in his campaign for the presidency. In fact, if survey results are to be believed, he topped the roster of presidentiables in the latest polls. The momentum of his campaign has gained traction. Will he slide down to being a vice-presidential candidate and lose the chance of a lifetime? Remember he will face a formidable foe, very popular and possibly runaway winner, Senate President Tito Sotto. Bongbong is not getting younger, and if he misses this chance, he will be more than 70 years old in the next presidential run. He cannot afford to sacrifice this chance, else, the family can say goodbye to their dream of vindicating their honor tarnished by critics.

Sara, on the other hand, just cannot run for vice president. His father is committed to make Senator Bong Go vice president, being an “extension” or an alter ego of himself. The errand that Bong Go does for President Duterte cannot be done by Sara. A vice president Bong Go is vice president Rodrigo Duterte.

In other words, the Sara-Bongbong compromise talk has to untangle a web of personal sacrifices and familial interest. How it will end is anybody’s guess. But it was worth a try considering that if any of the party slides down to being a vice president, it will be a formidable dream team. The problem is if Sara does not run, many local executives, like in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, might opt for a mixed team of Leni Robredo and Bong Go.

But people ask: Where is President Duterte in all these maneuverings? What about the party in power, which has been eyeing Sara as their bet? Again, why can’t father and daughter talk on the same wavelength to save the administration from embarrassing defeat? Where is Senator Bong Go in all these equations? Didn’t one notice that he has been receiving favorable publicity lately?

His “Malasakit” image has been undergoing cosmetic refurbishing to prepare him for the vice-presidential run.

In the meantime, while they are busy untangling the conundrum, top opposition candidate Leni Robredo is doing her homework, igniting the interest for a pre-EDSA People Power movement, which is catching like wild fire.

Again, these are all products of our imagination. Their validity will be tested in the coming days.


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