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Panelo’s ‘sartorial eloquence’



The writings are rife with Victorian air, and make one think that the writer must be Shakespeare before he got reincarnated to Salvador Panelo.

At least whenever he goes meta.

It’s a far-cry from the feisty former chief presidential legal counsel we saw on TV and his vlogs: behind the podium and spewing scalding lines and clever vitriol at disagreeable men who denounce the administration’s supposed shortcomings.

In case you missed it, it was a delight seeing Mr. Panelo’s literature on the Malacanang news releases.

The cadence and usual flair in his words at once command in anybody’s sick head an illustration of grace, like Michelangelo on ice skates.

“Sartorial eloquence”.

That’s how some phrased it, one that matches his equally dashing iconic style that doesn’t need to flaunt elaborate ermine gowns, but still has it.

“As the clock ticks towards either the orphanage of millions of Sara supporters or her political resurgence from her self-imposed dormancy, the rest of the country hangs in suspended animation even as the declared presidential aspirants entreat the gods of destiny to short circuit Inday Sara’s appointment with history.”

In other words, is Sara Duterte running?

Depending on your preference, he can pass for a Pulitzer-toting attorney, or an editor’s worst nightmare (because to alter God’s creativity is sacrilege).

She said she would not run for the presidency. The roaring multitudes would not budge nor agree. They await with frenetic anxiety the verdict that will launch either a thousand anguish and a flood of tears or a triumphal jubilation.”

Nobody can put it that beautifully but Mr. Panelo.

But the air will be thick with the ambition of Sara’s presidential bid until next month, when the Commission on Election 15 November deadline for substitution of candidates bursts the bubble.

There has been an overwhelming overture of goodwill from political allies who are willing to give way for Sara at the expense of their own presidentiables, count them ex-prexy Gloria Arroyo’s Lakas-CMD. (Postscript: Bato is rock-hard solid and never just a stepping “stone”–keep that in mind).

In Mr. Panelo’s words: “For one, the thought of hundreds of volunteer campaign groups that spontaneously morphed across the archipelago who spent their own money, invested time, hoped for her entry into the presidential race, who feel orphaned by her announcement of non-participation, vexed by an unfulfilled implied commitment and even angered by what appears to them to be a betrayal of their trust who believed that she would positively respond to the incessant voices of supplication, places a heavy burden on her conscience. Ignoring it will yield disastrous consequences on her future national political plans, if she has any.”

Hedge the bets right now and she’ll continue to grow in the polls.

Sara is all the rage now. But her heart has already been bestowed upon some favored object: Davao City.

She reiterates it again in a tete-a-tete with presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos in Cebu City yesterday, where his crusade won Sara’s party and Davao region’s allegiance and high standards.

But we still have more than two weeks to know what’s locked in the vaults of those privy to the confidences.

Still, an enigma like this confounds the wise, one that befits an equally complex and beautiful explanation deserving to merit the writer’s pride:

As Inday Sara engrossed herself to reflect on those riveting thoughts, the millions pray that she be showered with enlightenment and wisdom by the Almighty unseen hand that created the universe. Will Sara Duterte change her mind? Will she remain a rock of Gibraltar? Or will she be a phoenix resurrected from its ashes?”

Read Mr. Panelo’s column today: