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Nas Academy reconciles with Apo Whang-Od



KALINGA COMMUNITY TINGLAYAN, KALINGA – Global online learning platform Nas Academy has reconciled with Maria Oggay, also known as Apo Whang-od.

Nas Academy visited Apo Whang-od and the Butbut Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples (ICCs/IPs) in Barangay Buscalan, Municipality of Tinglayan, Kalinga.

The National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) arranged the meeting after the dialogue with Nas Academy.

After meeting with the Nas Academy team, it was decided to finally put the issue to rest by using the customary laws.

The meeting took place in the community in Buscalan and was attended by all parties including Apo Whang-od, her family, IP elders and community members, as well as representatives from the NCIP, House of Representatives and Nas Academy.

“We went to the Kalinga community to humbly pay our respects to Apo Whang-Od, her family, and the entire community. We are honored to meet with all the chiefs of the five communities of the Butbut tribe leaders of the different barangays including Buscalan Village Chief Leon Baydon through the help of NCIP,” said Jacqueline Lim, Nas Academy head of Philippine Operations, who led her team.

“We had an open discussion in front of the whole community to understand one another, came to a resolution and then decided on how to move forward,” she added.

The community, through their elders thanked Nas Academy for their sincere apology and reiterated that they must follow the procedures since the art of tattooing is not solely practiced by Apo Whang-Od or the Butbut ICCs/Ips as it is shared across the Kalinga province.

During the community meeting, NCIP Chairperson Allen A. Capuyan emphasized the importance of using the customary laws and Practices in resolving conflict.

Kalinga Rep. Allen Jesse C. Mangaoang conveyed the request of the tribal elders that the contract previously signed by Apo Whang-od with Nas Academy be declared null and void, and was later affirmed by Nas Academy legal team.

“Nas Academy has always been a fan of the Philippines and will always continue to be. Now that everything is behind us, I am excited for how Nas Academy will transform the way millions people learn in the Philippines and outside of it,” Nuseir Yassin, CEO and founder of Nas Academy.

Nas Academy aspires to build a community of Filipino educators and learners by offering courses on personal development, small business empowerment, and content creation on their platform.

Nas Academy Philippines also launched community classes in September, benefiting 7,000 students in its first month.

The said community classes will continue to be offered free of charge on top of courses from local and international creators, in hope of making a positive impact to the lives of Filipinos through education.