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Pro-poor, pro-labor bets offer reforms



The standard bearers of socialist coalition Laban ng Masa are pitching ambitious economic, political, and social reforms challenging the interests of the country’s elites as they vie for the top government posts in the May 2022 elections.

In a media forum on Saturday, labor leader Leody de Guzman and former lawmaker Walden Bello presented their pro-poor and pro-worker agenda they would pursue should they get elected in the presidency and the vice presidency, respectively.

“Only the two of us have platform in this election that is ready to confront the wealth, interests, and influence of the billionaires, who got even richer amid a pandemic and recession, while millions of Filipinos are struggling in poverty,” De Guzman said in vernacular during the news conference which was live streamed on Facebook.

Their priorities are narrowed down to three aspects, namely, jobs, health and opportunities.

De Guzman and Bello are seeking to increase the minimum wage to P750 across the country; provide unemployment benefits to all pandemic-displaced workers; end all forms of contractualization; and place price controls on basic commodities such as oil, electricity, Internet, water and farm inputs.