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ONIC sweeps NXPE to lower bracket



ONIC scored a dominant 3-0 sweep over fan-favorite Nexplay EVOS to advance to the next stage of the upper bracket playoffs this Friday afternoon of MPL Season 8.

After winning Games 1 and 2, Onic’s Hatred, Dlarskie, Baloyskie, Beemo, and Kairi tapped a no tank, no marksman lineup in Aldous, Paquito, Selena, Ruby, and Ling for Game 3 while NXPE played Lapu-Lapu, Hayabusa, Pharsa, Khufra, and Lunox.

NXPE had a good start with Yawi’s Khufra getting the first blood on Aldous in an aggressive play that saw him get killed by a turret on the top lane then followed up with another kill by YellyHaze on Selena.

But NXPE struggled from thereon as Kairi roamed the map and went on a killing spree with his Ling that allowed him to earn gold to build his items. Onic also scored all three turtle kills which allowed them to have a larger gap in gold.

Onic was already going for a GG push with lord just 11 minutes into the game. They were ahead on gold by 9,000 and destroyed 7 turrets while NXPE had nothing to show. NXPE momentarily held their ground but got wiped out in the next clash in the middle that spelled the end for them.

Kairi took the Game 3 MVP recognition with an impressive 5/0/3 KDA. They advance to the next stage of the tournament and will face the winner between Blacklist International and Omega Esports in the semifinals.