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Bagong Bayani Job Fair by Siegen, DoT set



A local business process outsourcing (BPO) recruitment hub is helping keep hope alive by addressing massive job displacement in the hospitality industry.

Siegen Solutions is holding an online nationwide job fair with relaxed application requirements, in partnership with the Department of Tourism (DoT).

The Bagong Bayani Job Fair is seen to offer genuine hope and quality opportunities among those unemployed and is projected to boost the performance of BPO organizations as well.

The event’s major sponsor is premier BPO company Teleperformance. Other top tech company partners are also taking part in the event, bringing five major BPO employers together to provide around 1200 available jobs in Luzon and around 800 available jobs in the Visayas-Mindanao areas.

According to the DoT, there is still a big number of displaced workers from the tourism sector that have yet to find replacement jobs, and the industry itself has barely recovered from the slide over a year into the pandemic.

With travel restrictions gradually easing around the world, Siegen Solutions initiated talks with the Tourism Department to help tackle the problem by proposing to organize a national online job recruitment event that can empower displaced workers to directly find jobs in the BPO industry.

The recommendation was well-received by DoT Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat who assigned Asec. Maria Rica Bueno to help bring the partnership program to fruition. Other top officials were also involved in actively getting the support of all DoT offices and ensuring that Siegen gets to mount the project.

What really sets the initiative apart from other BPO job recruitment programs is that job seekers are not required to have prior call center experience to apply.

“Since the pandemic, BPO companies have preferred hiring applicants with call center experience, because training capabilities have become extremely limited due to lockdowns and curfews,” said Aya Montebon, president and chief executive officer of Siegen Solutions.

“The Bagong Bayani Job Fair offers opportunities that don’t require prior experience, and this could help open the door wide for any and all who want to get back on their feet again amid the pandemic, particularly those from the hard-hit tourism sector,” she added.

“We believe we can genuinely provide opportunities for competent and trainable individuals who might be currently hobbled by traditional job requirements.”

This job fair is not the first initiative of Siegen Solutions that truly responds to the times, and the needs of the working class. To aid workers in pivoting to a new career and enhancing their professional growth, the company previously launched that provides access to free online skills courses.

These courses primarily target displaced workers who are willing to shift to another industry and high school graduates who would like to immediately get a job in pandemic-stable industries in the face of financial instability.

BPO-industry-related courses offered by include Basic English Phrases for Call Center Customer Service Agents, Technical Support & IT Help Desk Representative Essentials, INTERVIEWS, VERSANT, SVAR, & BERLITZ: Effective BPO Job Application Course, and VERSANT Test Simulation Course, among others.

BPO-and-tech-job-matching company Siegen Solutions continues to help create significant opportunities for individuals to reach their professional goals while helping organizations gain high-quality talent. This mission of helping every Filipino reach the best employers with the best opportunities to help them make the best career decisions is anchored in their belief that everyone should strive for excellence through serving others.

For decades now, the BPO industry has been regarded as the Philippines’ Sunshine Industry, generating employment for a broad working-age demographic, including fresh graduates and professionals, and even students and stay-at-home parents. Its workers have been hailed as new generation heroes or Bagong Bayani for significantly contributing to the nation’s GDP and their family’s income.

At the Bagong Bayani Job Fair, BPO job openings will include Customer Service Representatives in corporate travel and telecommunications/retail/financial, and hotel reservations; and Cable Satellite/Technology Technical Support. Although it is primarily organized for displaced hospitality workers, even applicants not coming from the tourism sector may apply.

The graphical user interface, website Description automatically generated the online job fair aims to lead back to the labor force hundreds of thousands of job seekers across the Philippines, from the National Capital in Quezon City, Makati City, Mandaluyong City, and Pasig City, to other key areas in the country such as Baguio and Pampanga in North Luzon, Cavite and Antipolo in Calabarzon, Cebu and Bacolod in the Visayas, and Cagayan de Oro and Davao in Mindanao.

“We hope to encourage people into action, especially those struggling during the pandemic, by offering access to relevant programs that they can really participate in. As a corporate citizen, Siegen Solutions believes in raising hope for economic recovery among both displaced workers and employers,” said Montebon.

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