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NXPE sweeps RSG out of MPL Playoffs



Fan-favorite Nexplay EVOS delivered a knockout blow to RSG PH following a 3-0 sweep over the latter to kick them out of the MPL Season 8 playoffs this Thursday evening.

After winning Game 1 and a come-from-behind victory in Game 2, NXPE took their foe’s trademark hero Paquito for Game 3, backed by Lapu-Lapu, Mathilda, Natan, and Barats, while RSG played Yve, Ruby, Brodie, Lancelot, and Thamuz.

The teams fought hard and early in the final set as both contested the very first turtle. The game looked dead even by the 11:30 mark as RSG and NXPE scored 6 kills each and respectively broke two turrets each as well.

A clash in the middle saw H2wo’s Paquito catching Lancelot as the team ganged up on Heath’s Ruby. NXPE pushed down the middle and was seemingly going for the finish a minute later, but Aqua’s Real World Manipulation sent the NXPE roster running back to base.

RSG fought valiantly and broke all NXPE turrets in the late game while they still had three with one across all lanes. The start of the end for RSG took place at the 35:00 mark when they lost Brodie, Thamuz, Mathilda, and Lancelot in a clash near the lord pit.

With only Ruby left to defend the base, NXPE rushed in the top lane to end the series in 36 minutes. The win sent them to the next stage of the playoffs, where they will meet the winner between Omega Esports and ECHO in a best of 5 series.