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Circus act puts Omega, Nexplay in trouble



The Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines (MPL) committee slapped Omega Esports and Nexplay EVOS hefty fines and penalties for the circus act they pulled on the last day of the Group Stage of MPL Season 8.

With their slot in the upper bracket secured, superstar streamer Setsuna “Akosi Dogie” Ignacio finally made his season debut on Week 7 Day 3 of the tournament.

His appearance, however, was quickly marred with controversy when he used support hero Estes equipped with a marksman emblem.

Omega won the opening game, then went on a feeding spree in Game 2 that saw Nexplay EVOS reach a whopping total of 61 kills. It immediately caught the committee’s attention, and after an investigation, slapped both teams with a six-figure fine.

“During the Game 1 and 2 of NXPE VS OMG in Week 7 Day 3, issues surrounding the competitive integrity of both teams occurred. This led to a bad influence between the community, hurting the league and all eight teams included,” MPL said in a statement.

“According to the MPL PH S8 rulebook, both teams committed the following offenses: Competitive Integrity (and) 12.1.5 Professional Manner.”

“This has resulted in us making the following penalties: Although NXPE and OMG have been cooperating with officials to actively investigate, both teams still bear management responsibilities for the issue. Both NXPE and OMG will get a $3,000 (P152,589.00) penalty each and a serious warning.”