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Help from a stray



Lost a pet? Ask a stray cat for help.

There’s a popular Japanese belief that got pet owners around the world curious. The unusual method, which was first posted on Twitter, apparently helped a number of Japanese pet owners find their lost pets. All they did was talk to a stray cat in their neighborhood.

The technique involves describing to a stray cat what your pet looks like, its name, how much you love them and how much you want them to come back.

NICO Bolzico and dog Pochola for Doggo. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF DOGGO

“They will communicate with each other to help your cat return home,” one netizen wrote.

After this was posted online, a number of successful testimonies from different pet owners have popped up. But some are quick to say that this is just a mere coincidence.

While it is hard to prove this mystery, there’s no harm if you want to try this method to find your lost pet.

‘Paw’fect partner
Bonding with fur babies is a great way to de-stress and has kept many pet owners sane amid the pandemic.

Homegrown brand Doggo has created a selection of products that will help bring fun and ease to this experience.

THE unusual method has helped Japanese pet owners find their lost pets. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF UNSPLASH/GABRIELLA MARINO

From bathing to grooming and treats, Doggo’s products are inspired by its CEO Kurt Cheng’s passion for animals.

Pet owners can rest easy knowing that Doggo’s products such as its anti-tick, anti-mange (for scabies) and anti-parasitic (for other parasites) shampoo and conditioners give an extra layer of protection to dogs.

Dogs who like treats will definitely love Doggo’s chewy bones, ducky jerky and dental sticks. These are low in fat, high in protein and formulated with Vitamin B to keep dogs’ coats shiny and healthy.

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