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Two down

A marriage of convenience was what Robredo was after, considering the reality she has a poor prospect at the ballot.



“It doesn’t make sense” was the view of pink bet Vice President Leni Robredo recently on the botched alliance with the team of Senators Ping Lacson and Tito Sotto.

The disastrous negotiations ended in both camps canceling each other out. Lacson apparently wanted Robredo as running mate with himself for president, while Robredo was angling for Sotto, who topped a recent survey on the vice presidency ahead of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said the survey result was instrumental in clinching the decision of President Duterte to give way in next year’s polls.

Robredo, whose platform is personal — that is to prevent rival Bongbong Marcos from winning — indicated the meetings were called off due to irreconcilable differences.

Lacson had brought to the negotiation table the proposal that Sotto is shared as a common candidate, which the obsessed lady apparently rejected.

Commenting on the flubbed “unity” talks, Robredo ripped at Lacson, saying certain issues such as the stand against Marcos are not negotiable.

In the process, both candidates merely admitted their uncertainties that voters will consider them. Their indecision would be compared with the resoluteness of the incumbent who decides on his feet and stands strong to defend his positions.

Bad blood then flowed as both accused each other of deceit, as Lacson pointed to his colleague Senator Frank Drilon as having made hand gestures to Robredo for an exclusive tandem with Sotto, which implied that Lacson should drop his bid.

In turn, Lacson said he felt “insulted,” but Drilon slyly said he did not know what the fuss was about, saying he was sincere in helping the unity talks to succeed.

The cloak and dagger atmosphere provided a window on the character of the pink administration under Robredo or Lacson in the nil chance that such would happen.

Instead of boosting their numbers, the tenacious pair just canceled each other out in the list that voters keep.

Robredo and Lacson were among the incessant noisemakers during the term of Mr. Duterte, obviously with both nurturing the possibility of a stint in Malacañang.

A marriage of convenience was what Robredo was after, considering the reality she has a poor prospect at the ballot and, thus, the need for somebody to boost her numbers.

The vindictive tinge of her campaign, which is based on a platform to prevent a Marcos victory, is a guarantee for a debacle, since most Filipinos are tired of political vendetta in the mold of the two Aquino administrations.

By focusing on bashing Duterte, none of the Otso Diretso candidates led by Mar Roxas won a Senate seat in 2019, for instance.

By whacking away at Marcos, Robredo had succeeded in encouraging Filipino voters to compare the quality of life during the Marcos and the Aquino regimes.

The frequent result is the assessment that never again should a yellow or a turncoat pink be allowed to step into the halls of power.