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So, where are the plans?

It’s no joke gargantuan tasks await anyone applying for a job as president.



By all means don’t be.

The worse thing anyone can do these days is to just cheer on who among those seated around the poker table that’s the 2022 presidential derby is the better player.

We are not spectators nor a cheering squad.

We are in fact citizens of a sad republic who don’t have the luxury of being spectators.

We, our lives specifically, are also the currency these people are gambling with.

Enough then of us being suckers. We have got to wake up, inform ourselves and get engaged, for it is urgent we find ways to make ourselves clearly seen and our true worries heard and addressed.

Don’t be suckers then, mesmerized by sparkling tinsel, neon billboards or all those photoshopped tarps of saccharine angelic faces pretending they’re our avatars of who we are and what we want and what should be done.

We have no time to lose, too.

In the next few months, our food will cost a lot more. Cooking our food will cost a lot more. Driving our cars will cost a lot more. Public transportation will cost a lot more.

What’s more, lots and lots of people are still without jobs, and those who do have jobs aren’t sure they’ll even have jobs by next year.

And, let’s add one worse thing — Covid-19 isn’t just a crisis which will blow away. Covid-19 is an era.

Essentially that means we’re still going to be worried sick about our lungs, literally gasping for air for a long, very long time.

This, after this pandemic has conclusively made us realize our bodies are sponges for, rather than a fortresses against, diseases.

Such litany of woes isn’t my mere personal opinion. Pretty much of the Filipino public share the same fears as I do that the worst is yet to come.

The results of the Pulse Asia survey conducted last 6 to 11 September say the most pressing national concern Filipinos want addressed is inflation. Closely following is the demand for increasing salaries.

The same survey also says the Filipino’s top personal worry, at 70 percent of those surveyed, is on how to stay healthy and avoid illness. This, in addition to other worries of having not enough to eat every day and on keeping a secure and well-paying job.

All those immediate concerns definitely point to the fact we are on the cusp of a crisis.

Yet while we all wallow helplessly in impotent rage, what do we get?

Those who ostensibly present themselves as the ones who can show us out of the mess we’re in are themselves as hopelessly impotent!

I say that with a straight face on the glaring fact that instead of concrete, detailed and workable plans, they should have had right out of the starting gate expressed there’s nothing.

They don’t have road maps we can chew on. Zilch. Nada.

Given that these people are somehow dangerously blasé about our bad future, I can fairly conclude they’re fast turning out to be disappointing specimens of our politics.

Even worse, unrepresentative leaders ill-equipped to respond to the problems of our time.

Don’t they know they’ll burn, and badly at that?

It’s no joke gargantuan tasks await anyone applying for a job as president. Controlling the pandemic, resuscitating the economy and giving back jobs, putting food on the table of the hungry and paying off the country’s massive debt are mind-boggling.

But there’s no urgency on their part about putting out detailed and workable plans to pull us through.

Concrete plans have been abandoned in favor of pure affect, emotions!

Emotions which are designed less to inform us about what can be practically done, but to overwhelm us with unwarranted, sensational, click-bait claims about irrelevant “engaging” things like their family genes.

In face of all those patently rabble-rousing techniques done with precision targeting on social media, our immediate challenge therefore is to do away with all the sterile, ineffectual and hopelessly irrelevant appeals to our actual lives.

And the only way to do away with all those hackneyed, propagandistic, or sentimental things is to loudly demand for plans.

In fact, the first one of the “presidentiables” who is able to clearly set down plans and make sense of how and when we can get out of the present mess gets my vote. As it should yours.

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