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Remembering Assumption HS class ’71: To fill the world with love

As with all classes celebrating a milestone at the Velada, efforts were made to raise funds for Assumption.



CLASS ‘71 photo shoot. Last picture with the late Gina Lopez.

It’s hard to believe that half a century has passed since Assumption San Lorenzo High School Class of 1971 graduated. It’s only when we started collecting pictures for our Velada presentation that reality set in.

SIGHTSEEING at our first stop in the Danube River cruise. From left: Malu Cumagun Dy Buncio, Beth Villongco Alcid, Gina Angeles, Laida Adduru Bowman,Dot Favis, Elvira Liboro Yulo, Marianne Velez and Yvonne Yuchengco.

Ours is a small class. Just one single section. So, we all knew each other. Though many of us settled abroad, from the United States to Germany to Australia, we somehow managed to keep connected. Amid Covid-19, we hooked up via Viber, Zoom, and through prayer.

Inside the Amawaterways river boat staircase. Bottom to top. Yvonne Yuchengco, Melba Reyes Yvanovich, Tessa Carlos, Elvira Liboro Yulo, Malu Cumagun Dy Buncio, Dot Favis, Offie Angeles.

We were known as the “singing class” since we loved to perform and compete, coached by our music teacher Miss Rose Hugo. One song, in particular, made us sing from the heart: “Fill the World with Love.” Even today this song touches our souls.

Temple touring in Osaka. Marilen Liwag Reambillo, Jackie Cancio, Malu Dy Buncio, Yvonne Yuchengco, Dit Favis, Melba Yvanovich,Beth Alcid, Marianne Velez, Chiqui Monzon, Lynne Jalbuena Rivilla, Elvira Liboro Yulo, Wito Quimsom, Gina Angeles and Maricar Gustilo de Ocampo.

Unfailingly, when this song is played while we are together, one of us will say, “That’s our song!” And it is our song because the lyrics are in tune with our values as Assumptionistas and as graduates of High School Class 1971.

ASSUMPTION San Lorenzo HS class ‘71 Christmas reunion.

“In the morning of my life I shall look to the sunrise
At the moment of my life when the world is new
And the blessing I shall ask is that God will grant me
To be brave and strong and true
And to fill the world with love my whole life through.”

Happy selfie as we wait for our turn at the class photo. (From front to back): Malu Cumagun Dy Buncio,Yvonne Yuchengco, Carlotta Uy Montinola,Melba Reyes Yvanovich (partly hidden), Beth Meer Anievas, Marianne Velez, Rose Gregorio, Tessa Carlos, Connie Buendia, Maricar Gustilo de Ocampo.

This was the character of our class when we graduated — brave, strong, true and full of love. This, together with our class motto, “Stabat”
— “I stand. I stay. I remain.” — steadfast, we have remained.

August birthday celebrants: Maris Diokno, Elvira Liboro Yulo, Malu Cumagun Dy Buncio, Tessa Carlos, Tere Tabuena del Rosario.

As with all classes celebrating a milestone at the Velada, efforts were made to raise funds for Assumption. Early on, we opted to donate individually with a few fundraisers — a seminar on health, a class picture where the photographer, our classmate, Monique Siguion Reyna, donated her services and a jazz concert.

Enjoying one of the gardens of Osaka. From left: Marianne Velez, Lynne Jalbuena Rivilla, Malu Cumagun Dy Buncio, Maricar Gustilo de Ocampo, Dot Favis.

But most importantly, individual class members are giving back to society and Assumption by actively participating as Alumnae in Clay, the Alumnae Association, as retreat masters, as guiding forces in non-profit foundations and as teachers and mentors.

FROM left: Melba Reyes Yvanovich, Lynne Jalbuena Rivilla, Marilen Liwag Reambillo, Malu Cumagun Dy Buncio, Marianne Velez, Maricar Gustilo de Ocampo. / PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF CLASS ‘71 COLLECTION C/O MALU CUMAGUN DY BUNCIO.

And as we begin to face the sunset of our lives, we pray that we remain brave, strong and true, and that we truly have filled the world with love.

(Author’s note: The Assumption High School Class of 1971 had graduating classes in two campuses, at the Assumption Herran, Manila; and at the Assumption San Lorenzo, Makati. For the most part, the two campuses operated as separate entities but it was when we attended college at Assumption San Lorenzo that we became better acquainted, forming life-long friendships.)