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Duterte: Gov’t committed to bring back Marawi’s glory



President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday renewed his commitment to bring back the former glory of Marawi City and aid the residents affected by a five-month fighting during the 2017 siege.

Duterte promised to expedite the completion of rehabilitation projects in the southern city of Lanao del Sur, as he led the nation in commemorating the fourth anniversary of its liberation from IS-inspired combatants.

“Let me take this opportunity to reassure the people of Marawi that the government is doing its best to expedite the completion of rehabilitation projects at the soonest possible time,” the President said in his brief speech at the Rizal Park in Marawi, where he addressed local leaders and Cabinet officials.

“We, in government, are strongly committed to bring back the city’s glory. We will continue to foster cooperation among concerned stakeholders, so that Marawi will be able to build back better and stronger,” he added.

Duterte also assured the public that the administration remains steadfast in fighting terrorism, violent extremism, and other lawless elements.

“With your support, I am confident that we will overcome any challenge that may test our strength and unity as a nation. Let us therefore continue working as one to secure a better, safer, and more prosperous future for all of Marawi,” he said.

The President then honored state forces for defending and liberating Marawi City against the Maute group which destroyed the city four years ago.

He also lauded the efforts of Task Force Bangon Marawi to accomplish its projects and activities aimed at restoring damaged properties and revitalizing disrupted socio-economic activities in the regions.

Duterte himself led the inauguration of the newly-rehabilitated Grand Mosque, the biggest house of worship in Marawi that was destroyed during the 2017 siege between government forces and terrorists.

The Chief Executive stressed its historical and cultural significance in the lives of the Maranaos, saying its rehabilitation brings hope anew for the locals.

The May 2017 Marawi siege displaced around 40,000 households, according to official government figures.

The actual rehabilitation work started in September 2018 by clearing the city of unexploded bombs and debris, while the second phase of the recovery efforts involved the reconstruction of structures and buildings.