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Where one’s heart is

What Rustan’s is conveying is clear: Christmas continues, and sharing one’s blessings will always put a smile on the face of the giver and receiver



The family that has been at the helm of this world-renowned store has kept true to the vision of the founders — socialite Glecy R. Tantoco and her husband, Ambassador Bienvenido R. Tantoco. / PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF TANTOCO RUSTIA FOUNDATION FAMILY COLLECTION

Some things just don’t change.

The festive spectacle yearly offered by premier shopping destination Rustan’s continues to keep shoppers in awe at its physical stores across the country. A destination for shoppers and mallgoers alike, its well-curated holiday decor and window display always present warm and memorable images of the holiday season.

This luxurious look and experience began this month with gifts and ornaments already filling the shelves to bring cheer and various joyful options for shoppers.

Of course, there’s also that classic signature Rustan’s package, wrapper, bag and ribbon that spell of an elegant or tasteful gift for recipients of all ages.

Everyone deserves to be happy and if one takes a look at the merchandise on display, one is thrilled everything is here — for the grandparents, parents, godchildren, staff, bosom friends, neighbors and everyone on Santa’s list. The best of brands, for the young and old, for the dining table to the boss’ office desk. For that someone special, a bracelet, a figurine or a bottle of perfume.

SANTA Claus is indeed coming to town, and his first stop is at Rustan’s.

Offering nothing but fine quality merchandise is the mission of its founding couple, Glecy R. Tantoco and Ambassador Bienvenido R. Tantoco. Their partnership inspired the trust and loyalty of generations of discriminating clientele, which is a testament to their legacy of honesty, hard work and utmost concern and respect for customers. These core values continue to be honored by their children and grandchildren, the executives and staff of Rustan’s.

ONE look at the ornaments and displays on the stores can bring great cheer and joy to shoppers.

This is the heritage of Benny and Glecy Tantoco that continues to live since Rustan’s was founded in 1952. In this season of hope, Rustan’s opens its doors to bring bliss and joy to the gracious of hearts who look forward to buying presents for their family, loved ones and for themselves.

That a visit to this most luxurious of stores in this country
— the purveyor of high style and ultimate comfort — is a must starting as early as October to begin shopping for gifts and ornaments reflects the store’s unwavering commitment to bring cheer to its clientele. / PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOJO SILVESTRE FOR THE DAILY TRIBUNE

Visiting Rustan’s especially at this time of the year is about being together — or make that being together again, despite social distancing limitations.

Always with something for each longing and passion in these unusual, but hopefully soon to be brighter times, Rustan’s is where one’s heart is especially in this season of joy and sharing.