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Team Spirit eliminates defending champ OG



Team Spirit dethroned back-to-back defending champion OG, 2-0, in the lower bracket of The International 10 Friday at the Arena Nationala in Bucharest, Romania.

Game 1 saw Team Spirit dominate team fights with Magnus as their initiator. Surprisingly, OG allowed their foes to pick the same hero in Game 2, backed by Winter Wyvern, Lifestealer, Lion, and Void Spirit, while they drafted Tiny, Nature’s Prophet, Night Stalker, Invoker, and Earthshaker.

Team Spirit dominated the match from start to finish. The only time that OG won a clash was when Magnus had his Reverse Polarity on cooldown. Other than that, they would always get caught in the RP, Skewer then Dissimilate combo that would always see them lose a team fight.

Ahead on gold by 16,000 and kills 37-11, Team Spirit moved to break the radiant base to win the game and eliminate the TI 8 and TI 9 champion at the 29:59 mark.

“It was a good game, hopefully for people to watch. I think Team Spirit played a very good game, and they deserved the win. I wish them the best of luck further,” Sébastien “Ceb” Debs said after the match.

“As for us, we did all the right things in terms of preparing in terms of keeping a good mood and fighting as much as we could. I do not think we let the toughness of the game affect us, but definitely, that was not good enough to win this game. I think we also have to accept that.”

Team Spirit is slated to face in the next stage of the lower bracket to continue to fight for the lion’s share of the $40,000,000 prize pool.

OG, meanwhile, is going home with $1,000,500.