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Beware of scam using paper’s name



Since the pandemic started, various types of fraud, online or otherwise, had assaulted businesses and the Daily Tribune is among those being victimized.

Lately, various established companies, among them Universal Robina Corp. and the Philippine Stock Exchange Inc., have received letters or email messages that claims the broadsheet had received an ad placement from a certain individual who in turn dragged the name of the company targeted by the scammers, to a purported pending case.

Daily Tribune has been receiving an endless string of inquiries regarding such communications that use bogus phone numbers and email addresses. Many of such documents are purportedly signed by a Chito Lozada who has the designation of “Editor-in-Chief.” There is a Chito Lozada in the newspaper but he is the Executive Editor.

The letter also uses an address of the newspaper that had long ceased to exist.

Don’t be tricked
The racketeers would go on to say it is issuing the communication “in the name of promoting ethical standards” but will ask for the person addressed to coordinate “with the advertiser’s representative” while warning that an advertisement will come out for three consecutive days in the newspaper.

The apparent intent of the con artists is extortion when the intended targets bite on their bait. Daily Tribune has informed the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) about the racket.

The newspaper is asking those who have fallen victims to the deception to come out and send to Daily Tribune’s office at 3450 Concept Building, Florida Street, Makati City, 1235 or email at a notarized report of the circumstances recounting the attempt to defraud them since these are being compiled for submission to authorities, primarily the NBI.

The newspaper is asking that the public be circumspect about unsolicited messages and always treat these as possible swindling attempts.