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Toast to the woman with a big heart

Beyond her exquisite taste, Shilpa shows us that her heart shines through in everything she does



If opulence is about luxury and wealth, I felt awed upon witnessing it. Last Saturday, however, amazing woman Shilpa Tolani took opulence a step further by adding something special — the richness of her heart.

(from left): Sherina Kishnani; Brenda Ngo, Georgette Wilson, Nikki Tang and Ruby Chua; Shawn Hourihan and wife Dinah; and Kavita Jeswani.


Upcoming young artists (from left) Yawsof Cabusao Marientes, Sam Penaso, the columnist and Benild Abigan.

At Manila House, she launched her passion project, “Opulence Philippines,” a collection of
high-quality home pieces that pays tribute to the places where her heart resides and to the people she cares about.

(from left): Cocoy Cordoba, Tony Alcasid and Lorenzo Tobiano.

The event’s e-vite creatively imposed a dress code that included masks, face shields and proof of full vaccination.

The night was about beloved friends, interesting conversations and wonderful drinks in the most beautiful flutes crafted by Shilpa herself.

Grace Tolentino

Crystal Jacinto and Kitty Doll.

The highlight was the array of her handcrafted toasting wine glasses, champagne flutes, mirrors, serving trays and more that sparkled on the tables.

These amazingly-constructed pieces not only represent Shilpa’s talent and craftsmanship but also her relentless drive, vision and curiosity.

Sheila Chatlani and Charina Genomal.

Beyond her exquisite taste, Shilpa has a heart that shines through in everything she does. With the help of our friend, philanthropist Dolores Cheng, she organized this event that pledged to donate the proceeds to causes including the Philippine Cancer Society and the protection of special children and battered women.

(from left): Raj Tolani, Shilpa Tolani, the columnist and Dolores Cheng. / photographs courtesy of agile zamora

So, now, when I think of opulence, it’s not just about worldly wealth but also the overflowing love you have for others, your purpose and passions and having people to love you back.

After all, life is much more fun when it is enriched with good people to celebrate it with. Cheers, besties!