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Karl shines as T1 boots out former champ Alliance



Filipino DOTA 2 star Karl “Karl” Baldovino showcased his mid laning prowess as T1 showed former champion Alliance the exit door with a 2-0 win at The International 10 Thursday evening.

T1’s Karl, 23Savage, Kuku, Xepher, and Whitemon made short work of Alliance in Game 1, before finishing the series with Lion, Earthshaker, Treant Protector, Slark, and Ember Spirit while Alliance played Snapfire, Tidehunter, Medusa, Crystal Maiden, and Void Spirit.

Alliance held their own in the early going, but with Karl winning the mid lane with his Ember Spirit, things started to turn sour again for the former champs from the mid game onwards. Karl was unstoppable, backed with 23Savage’s Slark.

Star carry Nikobaby, using his comfort hero Medusa, was unable to contain the rampage of Karl as he ended up with a dismal 0/5/5 KDA. In the end, it took T1 just 34 minutes to force a GG out of Alliance and advance to the next stage, where they will meet the winner of EG vs. Vici Gaming.

Karl ended the series with a highly impressive 18-2-18 KDA with 23,505 net worth while the team’s hard carry 23Savage scored 10-2-17 with his Slark.