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Fnatic bows out of TI 10



One of the two representatives of Southeast Asia in The International 10 has bowed out of the tournament as Fnatic suffered a loss via sweep against Team Spirit in the lower bracket this Thursday midnight at the Arena Nationala in Bucharest, Romania.

Team Spirit needed just 25 minutes to annihilate Fnatic in the opening game. Eager to end their overmatched foes, the Russian squad drafted a physical damage heavy lineup of Sven, Tidehunter, Kunkka, Shadow Demon, and Weaver while Fnatic played Elder Titan, Luna, Void Spirit, Night Stalker, and Grimstroke.

Game 2 looked similar to the opening game, the main difference only was that Fnatic would hold on to their hopes a little longer. Yatoro was Beyond Godlike with his Sven, going on a skill spree throughout the match backed by the crowd control of Kunkka and Tidehunter.

Fnatic had no answer to Team Spirit’s aggressive lineup, as the latter was way ahead on kills 32-7 and gold by 46,000 before they decided to break the radiant base and send Fnatic packing.

Fnatic, who brandishes two Filipinos in Raven and DJ, is going home with $800,400 in their pockets for their top 8 finish in the tournament.