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T1 falls to PSG.LGD in thriller; Raven sets new TI record



South Korean squad T1 mustered every weapon in their arsenal but fell short against Chinese DOTA 2 pro team PSG.LGD on Playoffs Day 2 of The International 10 Wednesday evening at the Arena Nationala in Bucharest, Romania.

LGD needed just 35 minutes to dispatch T1 in the opening game, but the latter bit back in Game 2 with a team fight savvy draft of Magnus, Lion, Dawnbreaker, Medusa, and Doom as LGD picked Elder Titan, Death Prophet, Earthshaker, Snapfire, and Terrorblade.

LGD took the early lead on kills and gold in the early going, but it took one perfectly executed team fight for T1 to even things out and get a 4,000 lead on gold at the 16:30 mark. The T1 strategy was clear, use Doom to disable Elder Titan before engaging in a clash.

T1’s better composition paid dividends in the late game, but LGD never laid on their backs and brought the fight to them in every clash. By the 44th minute mark, T1 was ahead on kills 18-14 and gold by 23,000. The teams engaged in a series of clashes six minutes later that saw all players tap their buybacks.

The buyback rally was huge for T1 as it allowed them to maintain their lead on the economy. LGD fought with all they got to the very end, but it was all over when Filipino star Kuku managed to Skewer Terrorblade to their side, which paved the way for them to end the Game 2 in 54 minutes.

It was LGD’s turn to pick Magnus in the third and final game backed by IO, Lion, Ursa, and Ember Spirit, while T1 took Elder Titan, Disruptor, Storm Spirit, Spectre, and Viper.

The third and final game looked one-sided in favor of LGD. T1 was scattered around the map, their plays were out of sync, and was way behind on gold as NothingToSay reached Beyond Godlike with his Ember Spirit.

With their towers down and the kill score at 32-9, T1 was forced to call GG at the 37:21 mark of Game 3. But it is not over for T1 yet, they are set to meet former TI champion Alliance in a best of three series in the lower bracket.

Meanwhile, Filipino star carry Marco Polo “Raven” Fausto proved once more why he is the best carry in all of Southeast Asia and one of the greatest in the world.

In a do-or-die match in the lower bracket against Team Undying, Raven carried Fnatic on his back with his Luna to set The International record of most damage dealt to a tower with 22,204. Raven and his team are set to meet Team Spirit next later tonight.