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Valorant mulls adding block feature vs toxic players



Valorant developers are looking at the possibility of adding a block feature that would allow players to avoid getting queued with toxic players.

Toxicity is common in online gaming, with profanity, racist, and sexist remarks being thrown around like nothing.

Other titles such as League of Legends and Overwatch already have a block feature, but such is apparently a lot trickier than meets the eye.

“There’s been other competitive games that have tried to implement this feature, but at high ELO, folks used the block list as a way of avoiding playing against certain individuals that they would not have a good time going up against,” Valorant producer Sara Dadafshar wrote on Reddit.

“Oftentimes, this block would be thrown left and right against good players, causing them to be on a mass ignore list, tanking the queues that they’d join.”

Though admittedly easier said than done, Dadafshar nevertheless guaranteed that the Valorant team is exploring the option of adding a block feature.

“With that being said though, the idea isn’t completely off the table. This concept is something that gets brought up often, and we are very down to implement some safe version of it that won’t be abused, but keeps players protected as well.”