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OHEB raises finger

Let’s work together to build a more mature and professional league.



KIEL Calvin ‘OHEB’ Soriano has been penalized for making an obscene gesture following their victory over Omega Esports. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF BLACKLIST

For raising his middle finger, Kiel Calvin “OHEB” Soriano is in deep trouble.

The Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines (MPL) penalized the Blacklist International gold laner for his obscene gesture and unsportsmanlike conduct following their emphatic win over Omega Esports.

OHEB has been suspended for two matches and fined $500 (around P25,000) for flashing his middle finger following their 2-0 win over Omega Esports in their penultimate series of Season 8 last Saturday.

With that, the 17-year-old OHEB missed the final regular season match against Bren Esports as well as their first playoff series since disorderly conduct merits sanctions ranging from fines and suspensions in accordance to the rules and regulations of the league.

“MPL PH Operating Committee does not tolerate any form of abusive behavior in the league and we expect our professional players to follow a strict code of conduct,” MPL Philippines said in a statement.

“Let’s work together to build a more mature and professional league.”

Blacklist also expressed its regret over the unsportsmanlike behavior of one of its players.

“The management of Blacklist International would like to apologize to our fans, to Omega and the rest of the MPL and ML community for the unsportsmanlike behavior that our player, OHEB, displayed after out match,” Blacklist said in a statement posted on its social media account.

“The management has already talked to him in private about the matter and will issue a fine that will be deducted from his salary for his actions. OHEB acknowledged his behavior and immediately apologized to the rest of the team and the management.”

Blacklist head coach Bon “Bon Chan” Ricaplaza was also saddened by his action, but asserted that they will accept the penalty imposed on OHEB.

“We accept the sanction given to him,” he said, referring to OHEB, who topped Blacklist in terms of statistics this season with 123 total kills and a 21-percent kill participate rank. He now ranks fourth league-wide.

This is not the first time that MPL has suspended a player.

Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso of Execration, one of the prominent figures in the local Mobile Legends community, has suffered the same fate after making a social media post that hinted at gambling.

His teammate Grant Duane “Kelra” Pillas was also put in hot water prior the opener of the MPL Season 8 after making distasteful and sexist remarks towards Blacklist’s Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna, Chareeny “Ramella” Ramella and Danerie “Wise” Del Rosario during a livestream.

OHEB quickly owned up to his action and vowed that it would never happen again.

“I have no excuses. I was wrong,” OHEB, who struggled to contain his emotion and was visibly upset right after their match, said.

“My teammates do not tolerate what I did either, that was all me. I will accept the consequences of what I did, whatever the penalty is. I want to apologize for what I did and assure you that I will not do it again. Again, I am sorry for what I did.”