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OG drafts Hoodwink, loses in upper bracket clash with Team Secret



If there’s a hero OG is proven to lose whenever they draft it, it has to be Hoodwink.

The cute agility hero has been at the core of OG’s struggle during the DPC season.

Still, nevertheless they used it against Team Secret in their upper bracket match at The International 10 this Tuesday evening, 12 October.

After losing their grip in the opening game, OG’s SumaiL, Topson, Ceb, Saksa, and N0tail opted to play Elder Titan, Monkey King, Legion Commander, Clinkz, and Hoodwink. On the other hand, Team Secret drafted Enchantress, Magnus, Windranger, Ursa, and Tinker.

Team Secret gave OG a beating from start to finish as they dominated the two-time The International champion throughout the game. With really nothing to offer and way behind on kills with a 5-42 on the scoreboard, OG waived the white flag at the 27:58 mark of Game 3.

The defeat sent OG crashing to the lower bracket, where they will meet the winner between Quincy Crew and Team Aster. Team Secret, meanwhile, advanced to the next stage of the upper bracket, where they are slated to clash with Invictus Gaming.