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Sleek Suzuki hatchbacks



PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF SPH SUZUKI’S three hot hatches: The S-Presso, Swift and Celerio.

These days, hatchbacks have become a popular vehicle of choice for drivers due to a myriad of reasons. Although initially more appealing to the younger market, its vast range of models has become firm favorites for families and commuters alike. Hardly surprising if you take into account all the advantages hatchbacks have to offer especially with our current situation wherein you’d prefer to have your own vehicle for mobility.

The hatchback’s practicality and storage space, its compact size and the versatile driving experience it gives, as well as the economical benefits and fuel efficiency it brings to the table, are all contributing factors to the growing popularity of this range of models.

Suzuki Philippines Inc. (SPH), the country’s pioneer compact car distributor, does not shy away in this department, as it currently offers three popular models under this category: The S-Presso, Swift and Celerio.

Suzuki S-Presso

Stylish and trendy, with an SUV-like exterior that radiates vibrant energy, the S-Presso’s bold design and robust stance brings life to every place in the city it graces its presence with. This being said, the S-Presso is not merely a hatchback for the city streets. Its engine performance and 22km/L fuel efficiency rate (as observed by the Automobile Association of the Philippines), make it a suitable companion, as well for lengthy and adventurous road trips for only P523,000.

Suzuki Swift

Dynamic and powerful, all packed in a fun-sized package, this globally recognized iconic Suzuki vehicle is meant to stir the emotions, drive the heart and “uplift” the spirit. Its elegant exterior, roomy interior, engine performance and fuel efficiency rate (*31.53km/L for CVT variant) all contribute to the Swift’s vast popularity nationwide and across the globe. One can already drive a Suzuki Swift home with up to P80,000 cash discount or as low as P29,000 downpayment.

Suzuki Celerio

Known for its interior space and comfort, the Celerio is the perfect companion for a relaxing stress-free ride around the city. Incredibly spacious legroom for a small car, easy maneuverability, intelligent design and fuel efficiency (27.70 km/L for MT variant as certified by Department of Energy) all place the Celerio in a class of its own. With a cash discount as much as P60,000 and downpayment as low as P29,000, one can already experience this extra large small car.