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OhMyV33nus feels disrespected by Bren in the last week of MPL group stage



Blacklist International team captain Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna did not take kindly of Bren Esports’ stunt on the last day of the group stage of MPL Season 8 this Sunday evening, 10 October.

Already out of the playoffs after losing to Echo last Saturday, 9 October, Bren decided to let their benchwarmers Ejhay, Coco, Malik, Rimuru and L3bron play their final game of the tournament. As expected, Blacklist easily defeated Bren in Game 1.

In Game 2, Bren refused to ban any hero during the draft phase, which surprised and drew the ire of Mobile Legends fans and, apparently, OhMyV33nus himself.

“It looks funny to some but to me, that was disrespectful in a way that it could have an impact in future matches and become an example for other teams to follow,” OhMyV33nus shared in a post-match press conference.

“I think this is the first time it happened. Even in other MPL [regions] because you can always enjoy a game without pulling off that kind of act.”

Blacklist was caught off guard by Bren’s stunt, especially that they fielded their ace players against the world champion squad, to the point that they even approached a game marshal if what they were seeing was real.

“At first, we were surprised because they did not ban. We asked the marshal right away if it is a remake or we will continue because they did not ban the second and third pick, so we also asked if that is allowed,” OhMyV33nus shared.

“They said it is allowed, so we have no say regarding that anymore. Personally, that is disrespectful to the league. This is the first time I have encountered this in my entire MPL career. I have neither encountered nor seen this before, so I do not know how to react.”

The easy win moved Blacklist’s league record to 13-1 while Bren fell to a dismal 5-9 standing.