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When fully-charged, the internal battery of the CTEK CS Free can last for up to one year, making it a reliable portable charger to have in your vehicle wherever you go



PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF CTEK CTEK, the world’s first portable battery charger, can power both car and motorcycle.

As part of its continuing innovations, CTEK recently introduced two new products that highlight the brand’s unique adaptive charging technology. These products are designed to further support the mobile lifestyle of a vehicle owner and also to answer the demand for efficient and convenient charging solutions.

Also, it is smarter than ever before. With no buttons to push, simply connect the charger and leave it to do its work.

First is the CTEK CS Free, the world’s first truly portable battery charger. The CS Free features CTEK’s new Adaptive Boost Technology, which can get a flat battery running in just 15 minutes. “Adaptive Boost” means that the charger will only deliver the necessary power requirement, based on its initial, automatic analysis on the state of the battery.

Upon evaluation, it will determine the safest way to deliver just enough power to start the vehicle — no more, no less. As opposed to common “boosters” or “jumpstarters,” the CS Free will not shock and drain the battery, thus avoiding damage to the battery or the vehicle’s electronics.

When fully-charged, the internal battery of the CTEK CS Free can last for up to one year, making it a reliable portable charger to have in your vehicle wherever you go. The CS Free will deliver up to 5A of power for all types of 12V batteries, including EFB and Lithium. In addition, travelers can top up their mobile devices through the USB-C and USB-A charging ports that are built-in to the CS Free.

The CS Free can also be used as a maintenance charger when connected to a power source, whether it’s an AC outlet, a PD charger, USB-C cable or even a 60W solar panel (using the optional solar panel charge kit). The main LED display will show how much time is left until the battery is fully charged and, as with the beauty of any CTEK charger, the battery can be kept connected without worry of overcharging.

The second product is the new CTEK CS One. The CS One is the brand’s 12V adaptive battery charger that features the unique APTO Adaptive Charging Technology. APTO charging goes beyond the conventional multi-step charging as it can analyze everything for you. Once connected to the battery, the CS One will evaluate the chemistry, size, and health of the battery, and then it will automatically apply the customized charging program required. It will likewise detect whether the ambient temperature is hot or cold and adjust the output voltage.

The new CTEK CS One features a dedicated battery maintenance feature for lead-acid and lithium batteries, making it adaptive and compatible to any kind of vehicle battery. It will automatically detect bad cells in the battery and notify the user if a battery can no longer hold a charge. The charger also features a countdown indicator that will tell the vehicle owner when a flat battery can be restarted or how much time is left before a battery is fully charged.

A new safety feature in the CS One are the Polarity-Free Clamps. Most vehicle owners confuse which clamp goes on which terminal. The CS Free takes away this worry as the clamps automatically work out which clamp is on which charging point. It will then deliver the correct polarity for those terminals.

Apart from maintenance charging, the CTEK CS One also features Recond (recondition) mode for bringing deeply discharged batteries to life, Supply mode to turn the CS One into a 12V power supply, especially for vehicles that are highly electronics-heavy, and Lithium Wake-up mode for lithium batteries with under-voltage protection. The three above features can be unlocked and accessed through the dedicated CTEK App that is free to download on iOS and Android.