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It’s play time

I love exploring different mobile puzzles because they stimulate my brain and help pass the time.



Mobile game players treat these apps as appreciated company for various reasons. Some claim they relieve stress and anxiety.

Others believe they promote physical health and wellness. They use them to pass the time with entertainment, while others believe  they keep human beings’ brains sharp.

Curious about their motives, I asked our close friends what their favorite games are and why they play them.



The best anti-dote to traffic-related stress is to pray the rosary. But many times, regardless of what route my driver’s Waze tells him to take, there I am bored in the back seat, left with so much time before I get to my destination. This is when I pull out my phone and play either of my favorite games, Trivia Star or Word Calm. Not only do they enrich my vocabulary and general knowledge, I also read somewhere that keeping my gray matter working all the time prevents or delays the onset of Alzheimer’s. So it’s a win-win activity for me.



Candy Crush would easily be a favorite go-to game app, mainly because it’s user-friendly and a bit challenging without having to crack my brain. I play this when I need to pass time in the grocery line or babysit my son when he plays in the kiddie park. I also find it positively reinforcing when I trigger a good combo of candy crushes and then a voice says Delicious or Sweet.



I love exploring different mobile puzzles because they stimulate my brain and help pass the time. But the one game I keep going back to is Two Dots. It’s a free-to-play puzzle that requires you to connect a minimum of two dots, though more is better, to make a move. The levels vary in goals, there are seasonal challenges and the graphics are unique and gorgeous. It’s been a mainstay in my phone for years. I love it because I can either play mindlessly to unwind, or take it seriously to challenge myself. Both ways are totally fine!



I have a few games that are always on my phone and tablet. Solitaire is a staple. I learned how to play this game from my Yaya Letty when I was about eight years old. I enjoyed Space Invaders and Pinball on my personal computer back in college. They pass time and sometimes help clear my mind. A new one I have had since last year or so is Piano Tiles. I download new games once in a while, but end up deleting afterwards since I don’t really get into them.