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Cebu City’s fully vaxxed at 43%



The Cebu City Health Department (CCHD) disclosed that at least 310,839 residents were fully vaccinated against the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) as of 4 October 2021.

CCHD chief Dr. Jeffrey Ibones said the figures constitute 43 percent of the target 723,709 individuals who had registered for vaccination. However, the city still has to fully vaccinate 389,161 to reach the 700,000 target to achieve herd immunity.

Ibones said that there are 354,000 individuals who already received their first dose and are waiting for their second dose.

Once the second dose is administered, the number of fully vaccinated would reach 664,839.

Ibones also assured that there has adequate supply of vaccine for continuation of vaccination this week.

The city government received for this week’s vaccination administration 8,000 doses of Pfizer, 2,000 Moderna doses and 2,900 doses of Sinopharm.

However, he admitted that there was slowdown in the city’s vaccination due to vaccine hesitancy and brand preference.

Meantime, Visayas Vaccination Operations Center (VVOC) spokesperson Dr. Mary Jean Loreche has called on the remaining 32 medical frontliners to be vaccinated.

“Please get vaccinated,” Loreche said. “Let us set the tone and the example for our countrymen by having ourselves vaccinated.”

Central Visayas will be declared as 100 percent A1 vaccination, if these 32 will be inoculated.

There were 131,989 medical frontliners who registered for vaccination with 131,957 or 99.98 percent health workers were already vaccinated with first dose.

For the second dose, 131,957 is eligible priority while 131,494 are already vaccinated with the second dose.