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Technical glitch sends MPL into turmoil



An unknown bug disrupted the match between Onic PH and Omega Esports, sending the Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines (MPL) Season 8 into turmoil.

The game had a technical pause during the live broadcast heading into Game 3 after Onic reported a glitch that saw its Aulus pick to turn into Bane.

It was an unknown bug, something which has yet to happen in any professional game in the past. Although Onic was quick to report the incident to the league marshal, who never made an effort to explain what is happening to the opposing squad.

But to say that the “bug” placed Omega at a disadvantage is an understatement. In any pro Esports title, it is no secret that a game is first won during the draft pace.

Omega’s pick was compromised, its pick was exposed and placed under unfavorable circumstances that prompted it to lose the match.

“Pakbet and the players only knew of the bug after it ended, after they have made a full draft. In our case that is acceptable because we did not know, we had no idea,” Omega Esports head coach Tony “Ynot” Senedrin said.

“The problem there was that we were not informed by the marshals. The thought process of Onic, while drafting was they already knew of the Aulus, turned Bane pick. They continued their draft considering that it was an Aulus pick and not Bane while our side proceeded with the draft as if there was no hitch like everything was smooth.”

“So the question is, how do you justify a bug? How do you know that it was indeed a bug? Give us concrete evidence that it was really a bug. They say it was the marshal’s discretion, they say they depend on the body language of players and other factors.”

Omega Esports, which is composed of MSC 2021 champion and MPL Season 7 runner-ups Keil VJ “Kielvj” Cruzem, Joshua “Ch4knu” Mangilog, Grant Duane “Kelra” Pillas, Patrick James “E2MAX” Caidic, and Renz Errol “Renzio” Cadua, are on the brink of missing the playoffs.

Omega is backed in a position where it is in a must-win situation every match.

They looked poised to beat the top two seed Onic until confusion, misunderstanding, and prolonged conversations took its toll as the bug reared its ugly head in a very crucial stretch of the match.

“The conversation was prolonged and we were literally repeating ourselves over and over. What we were pushing for was for the game to continue as is with the same picks,” Ynot said.

“Just play the game with Bane as their pick yet all did they were go back and forth saying that they would talk to Onic which would take up to 30 minutes then get back to us with the same message afterward.”

“Another 30 minutes went by then the marshal came back to us, while our team was talking about the best last three picks, the best heroes to ban only to be told that the final decision was a full remake.”

In the end, Omega Esports lost the match that ultimately landed them in a make-or-break spot at no.6 with an overall standing of 4-7 with 16 aggregate points, followed by Bren with a 5-7 record and 14 points on aggregate.

“If we were initially informed that there was a bug that would have been fine. But since it was the marshals’ negligence that was wrong. We can say that Onic made a wrong pick or it was a bug, we do not really know. We do not have the facts,” Ynot said.

“It was the marshals’ mistake. It was a good game but we came up short. It is something that we need to put out there because we love the league and the players love the league. Many fans await weekly matches and it is something that hopefully will not happen again in the future.”

Sideliners were utterly upset about the technical pause during the live broadcast.

As soon as they learned what transpired, countless fans expressed disappointment over the league while others pointed out that Onic cheated.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developer Moonton, meanwhile, apologized to both Onic PH, Omega Esports, and the fans for their mishandling of the situation.

They also took notice of the nasty comments made and addressed them all together in a press release.

“Both ONIC PH and Smart Omega Esports were following the marshals’ instructions and expressing their opinions on the situation, along with support by the MPL-PH Operations Team. While the resolution took a while, both teams continued to play once the issue was resolved,” Moonton said in a statement.

“Please stop spreading negative comments to either team and focus on supporting and cheering for your favorites. Rest assured that we will do our best to improve MPL-PH with all related parties, active steps including handing out internal punishments will be taken too to ensure such kind of issue won’t happen again.”