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Dream ride, dream drive

I first fell in love with the German automaker when I got behind the wheel of a 420D M-Sport Coupe



Last week, this humble column was brought to you by a dream I had that underscored the importance of preventive maintenance and regular checkups for your vehicles. This week, let us continue talking about dreams, but this time around, let us talk about the car brands that I often dream about, those that I aspire to drive and own someday.

One of my favorite pastimes is going on automobile buy and sell websites like to look at these cars that I like and I am interested in, some of which I often fantasize about, too. I would like to believe that this is normal behavior for car enthusiasts such as myself. I check out the vehicles that get my motor running, no pun intended, and one brand that I never fail to miss searching for is BMW.

I first fell in love with the German automaker when I got behind the wheel of a 420D M-Sport Coupe. Driving this lowkey beast at two in the morning, with Tupac blasting on the radio, cruising along NLEX all the way to Clark in Pampanga, and then all the way back to Rizal was, simply put: “Sheer driving pleasure.” If you are a driving enthusiast, you would just absolutely love the “ultimate driving machine” that is BMW.

The month that I had that glorious 420D was a month to remember. And ever since then, I would search for ones for sale online, as part of the process called manifestation. Manifestation, after all, employs the principle of: “If you think it, it will come.” So hopefully, my salivating over Bimmers over the Internet would signal to the Universe my deep desire to have one — or three.

A photo that celebrates German ‘eXcellence.’ Adidas on my feet, BMW in my heart.

Manifestation aside, I am also quite thankful that friends in the industry know my love for the German luxury ride and have given me chances to see other drool-worthy vehicles in the metal. In February of last year, before the pandemic, I actually got to attend BMW Joyfest 2020 where I saw the then new X1 and the first front-wheel drive version of the 1 series.

The X1 was BMW’s highest-selling X model worldwide in 2018 and with the new model update, I was pretty sure that a lot more people would want to have one. The second-generation X1 launched at Joyfest 2020 sported a larger kidney grille and an over-all more handsome profile. I said before that I would choose a good-looking X1 over a good-looking guy any day, and I will say it again and again.

From then on, the X1 has been on the list of the pre-owned cars for sale that I usually check out online. Partially, this is because I am drawn to cars that have my name in its name, and, of course, primarily because it is a Bimmer and it is — for me — an “aweXome” urban crossover SUV.

THE X1 with the number 1 X at the BMW Joyfest 2020.

So far, I have gotten to drive a 118i and the aforementioned 420D. I look forward to getting behind the wheel of more BMW driving machines, too, of course, God-willing. They are on top of the ever-growing list of cars I dream of driving. I say the list is ever-growing because there are many new players in the local automotive field that have definitely been churning out real interesting vehicles that are indeed worthy of attention.

One of my plans that this pandemic has put on hold is my longtime goal of finally going on a long drive to Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte and stopping briefly at Patapat Viaduct to take photos of my ride. The thought that someday, or hopefully soon, I would be able to do it, helps keep me generally optimistic. Who knows, maybe I would get to do it with a Bimmer. A girl can dream.

What is your dream car to ride in? Share it with me at [email protected] and who knows, maybe we can turn your dream into reality. Manifestation works, babies!