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Exercise with online instructor



FIND a workout buddy in Peloton. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF PELOTON

Peloton, an exercise equipment company based in New York City, specializes in treadmills and stationary bicycles that are internet-connected, meaning subscribers can participate in classes through streaming media.

Peloton sales increased exponentially amid the pandemic as working out became a quarantine routine.

With more people getting fully vaccinated, Peloton is now branching out beyond the home into public places. The company will supply workout machines to hotels, health clubs and universities.

The company is also expanding into wearables, recently releasing its own apparel line. “We know that (having) our bikes in hotels and resorts around the world presents a great opportunity for
lead-generation awareness of the Peloton product and content,” Brad Olson said, chief business officer of Peloton.

The pandemic has made the world of home-based fitness a winner and Peloton has had a clear lead. “Digital fitness was already a growing category, and the pandemic really put it at the forefront,” said Claudia Lebenthal, founder of a website focused on wellness, Style of Sport.

Peloton allows you to work out with New York’s finest instructors without having to live in New York, and that’s why a lot of people are mesmerized by it.

One of the most popular instructors is Cody Rigsby. He is a former professional dancer now known as the “King of Quarantine.”

“Obviously, Peloton (financially) benefited from this situation. And I got to reap that success, and I’m very, very grateful for that, and it’s also kind of hard (that it happened) while so many people were struggling,” Rigsby told The Washington Post in July. “People hate working out. They want to be distracted. Let’s be honest: I hate working out sometimes, too. So you want to be entertained.

You want to forget that you’re doing something that you don’t like.”

More people are still turning to Peloton because the pandemic remains and some people are just too tired to go out and go to the gym. Peloton has a massive library containing thousands of workouts together with instructors to motivate you every session.