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Tech issues with COVIDKaya no bearing for NCR alert level assessment — DoH



The Department of Health (DoH) on Tuesday assured the public that the ongoing technical issues on its surveillance system will not affect its assessment on what will be the new alert level of Metro Manila.

“It had no impact in the assessment or the computations of metrics we use in assessing what will be the alert level classification for National Capital Region (NCR),” DoH Epidemiology Bureau director Dr. Alethea De Guzman said in a virtual media briefing.

The DoH is set to announce whether the government will retain or downgrade the Covid-19 alert level in NCR on 1 October.

De Guzman previously said that the NCR will most likely maintain its current alert level status due to several factors such as high-risk average daily attack rate, reproduction rate, and health systems capacity.

However, she said that additional factors or metrics could affect the ongoing evaluation of the department on the alert level of NCR.

“Base on the metrics we used to classify NCR’s alert level, we saw that the NCR was left under alert level 4,” she said.

“We will see if there will be changes on the metrics we will use and if it will translate to a different alert level for the National Capital Region,” she added.

Meanwhile, she said that the Department of Information and Communications (DICT) has already lent a hand to fix the issue with COVIDKaya — the digital platform used by the government as the convergent epidemiological surveillance system for Covid-19.

“The DICT had to find a way to fix the system, so that even if these processes are occurring simultaneously, it will not be overwhelmed or shut down,” she said.

From 24 to 26 September, the agency did not give an update on the number of Covid-19 deaths.

The official said the server used by the department has reached its full capacity and led to its shut down, hence no deaths were reported over the past three days.

“The server went down from September 23 to September 26. The reason provided to us was that the server already reached its capacity,” she said.