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No crying Wolf

It also took a lot of time to study my own body and how Lupus works.



LIFE goes on for Caisam ‘Wolf’ Nopueto despite being diagnosed with lupus. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF CAISAM NOPUETO

Everything seems well with prominent Esports shoutcaster Caisam “Wolf” Nopueto.

But little did fans know that the respected voice in the Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines (MPL) is battling a deadly disease that has been testing his character and pushing him to his limits.

Wolf is having a long bout with lupus, a rare condition that attacks the immune system. The disease prompted him to have breathing difficulty, skin complications, memory loss and muscle spasm paralysis.

“They do not know the source but they have theories where it came from. It is untraceable,” Wolf told ONE Esports, adding that his in-game name has something to do with his health condition.

“Although I am still very much interested in playing DOTA 2 back then, I could not play. I thought that instead of just lying in bed, I will try to do something productive.”

“It also took a lot of time to study my own body and how lupus works. My condition in Latin means Wolf so I thought this would be cool (to use) because Tyrion Lannister would say, ‘Wear it like armor so that it will not be used against you.’”

Wolf said he started getting symptoms when a rash suddenly appeared on his face.

He had to stop attending school so he could recover and mostly kept the condition to himself as a sportscaster until an episode forced him to go missing in action.

“My left hand is swollen, it hurts that I actually cannot play games right now. To be honest this is a minor episode. (There was a time) when I got home and could not stand anymore. Leo, one of my co-casters in the MPL, had to rescue me and bring me to the hospital,” he said.

“I had to miss the opening game of an MPL broadcast and it sucks. It also allowed me to open up about my condition because that was the time I was super public about it. I had to explain to the viewers why I missed the first game.”

Lupus had already claimed a lot of lives.

But Wolf refuses to act like a victim because, as far as he is concerned, the key is to shrug off the pain while living his life to the fullest with the help of video games.

“The compromise is just endure the pain off-cam, try to make a straight face during the broadcast, and be happy about it. The thing is with the producers that I have been working with, the people, talent managers, they are always very helpful when I am in pain,” Wolf said.

“Life is short. I am still grinding so hard because it gives me fuel, energy, and power to live. I want to make a lasting impact not for the world but at least for esports broadcasting.”