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Duckeyyy credits “classic” Bren in dominant sweep over Onic



Bren Esports is back with a dominant 2-0 sweep over Onic PH on Week 5 Day 2 of MPL Season 8 this Saturday evening.

Onic surprised the fans with their Alucard draft but it was not enough to halt KarlTzy’s Natan in Game 1. Riding on their momentum, Bren closed the show the following round with a Eudora-Khufra combo to bag their fourth win of the season.

The win catapulted Bren to the fifth spot of the tournament with a 4-6 standing while Onic stayed at no.2 with a 6-4 record.

“It was tough for Onic because we played classic Bren using limited heroes since we are past our experimentation pace. We went back to their old preferences in terms of the draft and how they play,” Mobile Legends coach Duckeyyy told after the match.

“Like what FlapTzy said, it is wrong that we are the ones adjusting to them. We went back to our classic ultra-aggressive game style but this time they have matured as players. It sank in that even though they are world champions, it is easy to fall.”

For Ribo, touted by many as the GOAT of competitive Mobile Legends, earning each other’s trust in the team was instrumental in finally getting their form back.

“We are back because our trust for each other is back. The past few weeks they were lazy to play but now everybody is motivated to win. We also fixed discipline, they have started to listen.”