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Toiletries, beverages, cooked food, frozen meat and seafood, fresh vegetables, bread, cooking oil and condiments — you can have whatever you want in an instant.



While the Covid-19 pandemic may have dampened our ability to socialize and enjoy ourselves anytime we want, it has opened for us a number of opportunities we had overlooked during normal times.

While food delivery had been available pre-Covid, our dependence on this service increased exponentially during the pandemic. Let’s face it: If you are stuck at home without the chance to go out and dine at your favorite restaurant, the next best thing is to order online. The number of establishments that offers specialized food service that will deliver to you — either in-house or via your dependable rider — is almost limitless you can have whatever your heart desires.

You no longer have to go out just to have fresh succulent sashimi or sushi. A swipe through Instagram or browse through Facebook and you can have exactly what you want. And since there are many suppliers out there, you can compare prices and opt for the more affordable store.

On a diet but want something sweet, there are a number of businesses that serve sugar-free or keto desserts. And we’re not talking here about cookies, cupcakes and ensaymadas. There are vendors specializing in apple pies, three-tiered celebration cakes, cannoli and even bibingka.

The list doesn’t end there. Fancy some Middle Eastern food you’ve been avoiding all these years? You can have it by just sending a message or giving a store a ring. If you’ve been craving for Wagyu and your go-to steak place does not offer dine-in service, you can have it delivered. Ramen now comes in DIY kits, while you can serve a Chinese lauriat right in the comfort of your home, too.

Do you need some artisan soap? Been wanting to read the latest best-seller or just need some office supplies? Do you want the latest kicks your fave influencer flashed on his vlog? It’s the same thing. Just a call or a few clicks and it’s yours. Truly, we are spoiled for choices.

It’s not just food that we can have from the comfort of our homes. You can literally buy anything you want — and I’m not talking about online shopping platforms. The plantito/plantita boom has brought gardening up front, with the previously ignored Monstera, Philodendron and succulents much wanted among neophyte gardeners. Green thumbs now run rampant online, the demand for plants ranging not just for ornamentals and blooms, but also fruits and vegetables for those who wish to keep their pantry well-stocked.

And speaking about pantries, if you find yourself in the middle of a strict quarantine and can’t go out to buy necessities, you can also tap your suking rider and give him your shopping list. One night, I browsed the offerings of a delivery service and I was amazed at what you can buy. It’s like having a supermarket right at your fingertips. Toiletries, beverages, cooked food, frozen meat and seafood, fresh vegetables, bread, cooking oil and condiments — you can have whatever you want in an instant.

When the Covid pandemic blows away and we have the opportunity to go out any time we like to get whatever we need, surely you will still prefer to avail of these delivery services, especially if you only need, say, toothpaste or soap. No need to get dressed and walk to the nearest convenience store. You can just stay home, wait for a few minutes and have it soon.