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Pangasinan town imposes ‘no movement day’ anew



ASINGAN, Pangasinan — The municipal government here is set to impose anew the “no movement day” on 26 September to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) infection rate here.

Mayor Carlos Lopez Jr. disclosed that only drugstores, liquefied petroleum gas refilling stations, water refilling stations, funeral services and other essentials services or product stores will be open to cater to residents during the no-movement day.

The local chief executive also urged residents in the town to stay at their homes — except for accessing essential goods and services in the establishments allowed to operate on that day and urged farmers to not plow or visit their fields on the no-movement day.

“There were those who went to their fields and gathered while some even had drinking session,” Lopez said.

Sari-sari stores were also mandated not to operate on that day as Lopez encouraged the residents to instead buy their needs earlier than Sunday, while religious gatherings in the town are also suspended although a virtual gathering is encouraged.

“We had implemented no movement day in the past two Sundays already and we have seen the decline in the daily infection rate of Covid-19 in our town. I thank our barangay officials and the police who are enforcing the protocols as well as the residents who are abiding by it,” Lopez said.

The Asingan mayor noted that from the daily 10 new Covid-19 cases, there are now one to two average daily cases in the town.

As of Thursday, Asingan town has 112 actives Covid-19 cases, 439 recoveries out of the 591 total numbers of confirmed cases with 40 deaths recorded.

He also asked residents going to hospitals and employees working outside of their residence to take precautionary measures such as disinfecting first before mingling with their family members.