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Loo stop



A van can drive a lifestyle of business with pleasure.

Denmark Bulan and wife Joy provide photography and videography services anywhere in the Philippines and cap their work with leisure trips in the countryside. The travel freaks make their sightseeing adventures possible through a van that they converted into a compact mobile home in 2019.

Denmark personally designed and built the van’s interior to fit a bed for two, a mini cabinet, cooler, shoe rack and drawer for keeping utensils. Attached to the roof is a retractable awning to shade their al fresco dining using a collapsible table.

One advantage of living in a mini recreational vehicle is doing away with the cost of accommodation and exploring destinations. One challenge though is answering nature’s call.

The couple said they cope with the need to pee or poo by using public restrooms in a barangay office, resort, gas station or restaurant along the way. For ill-timed calls of nature, they knock on the door of any friendly local and ask to use their toilet.

Denmark and Joy also set camp near a river, beach or waterfall where they can take a refreshing bath.

In the Netherlands, coffee shop patrons face the same toilet challenge after Dutch authorities allowed starting today al fresco dining without social distancing in bars and restaurants to ease pandemic restrictions.

Under government rules, if diners are to use the toilet inside the establishment, they have to show their Covid pass or QR code on a mobile phone. The code, when scanned, will indicate that the customer aged 13 or older is vaccinated, recovered from Covid-19 or tested negative from the coronavirus, according to Health Minister Hugo de Jonge.

For customers who don’t have or don’t want the Covid pass, there are still options to relieve themselves elsewhere. The establishment can provide a portable toilet outside its premises for use by al fresco patrons, Jonge said.

Otherwise, customers who cannot use the loo inside will just have to hold it in until they get home.

with AFP