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Legendary Iy4knu carries RSG past Echo, Blacklist beats TNC



RSG PH had to lean on Iy4knu’s heroics to overcome a tough challenge from Echo on Week 5 Day 2 of MPL Season 8 this Saturday evening.

After scoring one point apiece, RSG surprised the Mobile Legends world with a Bruno draft backed by X.Borg, Rafaela, Yve, and Ruby while Echo stunned with their pick as well with a Karrie, Cecilion, Esmeralda, Baxia, and Diggie draft.

The teams looked even going into the middle stage of the game but it was RSG that took a lead on gold after scoring 2 turtle kills. Echo’s path to victory became a blur come the late game as Iy4knu found his groove and built his items for Bruno.

RSG moved to break all 9 turrets while losing just two. They fought at the lord pit at the 13:50 mark where Bruno’s Legendary was finally snapped by Echo only to see Demonkite step up to the plate and get a triple kill with his X.Borg.

Iy4knu back went straight to battle as soon as he was back to earn a triple kill as he handily executed Diggie, Esmeralda, and Cecilion. RSG took lord then proceeded to end the series in 15 minutes.

Iy4knu ended the match with an 11/1/3 KDA while Demonkite scored 6/1/7 to improve their team standing to 7-3 while Echo fell to 4-6.

Earlier in the day, MPL Season 7 champion Blacklist International made easy work out of TNC with yet another dominant 2-0 sweep. They remain unblemished at the top of the league with a 9-0 record while TNC remains at the bottom of the league with a 2-6 standing.