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KarlTzy lifts Bren Esports past NXPE



Bren Esports mustered another win to their name following a back and forth series with Nexplay EVOS on Week 5 Day of MPL Season Friday evening.

The MPL Season 6 champion and M2 world champion was on the brink of winning the opening game until NXPE turned it around to steal Game 1.

For Game 2, Bren drafted Natan, Alice, Yve, Rafaela, and Thamuz while NXPE looked to finish with Jawhead, Chou, Yi Sun-Shin, Lapu-Lapu, and Harley.

Nexplay took the early lead taking all three turtle kills and was also ahead on the scoreboard 8-7 at the 8:00 mark.

Bren retaliated by forcing a push on top which they dearly paid for by losing their core Natan, Rafaela, and Thamuz.

A crucial lord take happened two minutes later where Pheww was taken down but Bren nevertheless secured their objective.

The lord however did little for Bren as Nexplay continued to pressure the world champions in the late game stage.

A crucial fight in the jungle wiped out NXPE at the 15:40 mark. Bren took lord after the fight then broke 8 turrets during their push.

RENEJAY tried a split push to the bottom twice but Bren refused to fall for NXPE’s old trick. Bren made their final push in a 5v4 situation to break base and force a Game 3.

The final game was all Bren Esports as they annihilated NXPE in Game 3 going for a GG push as early as the 10:00 mark with lord.

NXPE briefly held their ground but eventually fell to Bren with KarlTzy taking the lead with his Natan that scored a 5/1/5 KDA.

The win improved Bren’s season standing to 3-6 while NXPE dropped to 3-5.

Earlier in the day, Onic scored a 2-1 victory over Omega Esports to improve their record to 6-3 while the latter fell to 2-7.