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Gabbi Garcia discovers ‘adulting’ with Khalil Ramos

Her first project after signing will be an episode on Regal Studio Presents’ titled ‘One Million Comments’ alongside Khalil.



Gabbi Garcia / Photograph courtesy of IG/Gabbi

Just like most people, adulting hit Gabbi Garcia really hard.

When the Daily Tribune asked what she was still figuring out in life, she said, “I’m in my early 20s and I feel like these are the most crucial stages of my life. Up to now, I’m discovering a lot. I’m still trying to figure out how to be a full adult.”

She talks more about life on her podcast “Figure It Out with Gabbi and Khalil” which she maintains with reel-and-real partner Khalil Ramos.

They also tackle relationship topics, as well as their struggles individually and as a couple, their stories and discoveries.

GABBI Garcia recently renewed her contract with GMA-7.

Gabbi recently renewed her contract with GMA 7. She has been with the network for almost eight years now.

During the media conference for her contract renewal, Gabbi expressed appreciation to her mother network and pondered on the hard work she has done and will do in the future.

“GMA is the instrument that enabled me to reach my dreams and I’m so grateful for that,” she said.

Her new project is an episode in Regal Studio Presents titled “One Million Comments” with Khalil.

GABBI Garcia wants to explore her versatility as an actor. / PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF IG/GABBI

Asked about her dream roles, she said, “I want to do more films. I want to explore my versatility as a film actress because it’s different when shooting a film. You need to have a lot of patience, to study and own the character.”

“I (also) want to do a GL (Girls’ Love) series,” she added. “I want to challenge myself because I’m an ally. And maybe more action and coming-of-age films.”

Regal Studio Presents “One Million Comments” will air tonight 25 September at 8:30 p.m.