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Queens of Cebu look back at crowning achievements

Big or small dreams, if you work hard, it will be yours.



Some ladies of substance who have clinched Miss Cebu titles, one of the most prestigious local competitions, had larger dreams — to join the fabled national and international beauty pageants.

They were eager to represent the country and see the world while pursuing various causes and advocacies.

Meet four lucky and blessed Cebuana women who have shared
life-changing experiences in the global arena:

(From top left photo, clockwise): Karla Henry Amman, Karla Bautista Siao, Kris Tiffany Janson and Melanie Ediza. / Photographs courtesy of subjects

Miss Earth 2008
First crown for the Philippines and First in Asia

The best part of winning the crown was not simply the fame or recognition. It was the sense of pride and purpose in knowing that I could help women reach their true potential. We empowered them to be independent, to stand on their own and go after whatever they wish.

It likewise made me realize that due to the overwhelming support, I had to do my very best and even try harder to achieve my goals in life.


Miss Cebu 2003
Binibining Pilipinas World 2004; Miss World 4th Runner Up

My greatest takeaway from winning the pageant was the realization that whatever you put your heart into, you can achieve. Big or small dreams, if you work hard, it will be yours. This has been my mantra and it still holds true to this day. I am proud to say I now serve as a lawyer in government. I likewise assist my husband in our business. Happily married, we are blessed with three adorable children.


Miss Cebu 2009
Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2014

While learning to accept myself in every aspect, it taught me to be confident. But furthermore, it gave me the opportunity to do what I enjoy most — travel to different parts of the world, while representing the Philippines. I had the chance to share the beauty of our country, our islands, our friendly people and our unique culture.


Miss Cebu 2002
Binibining Pilipinas 2nd Runner-Up 2005

Joining a beauty pageant was not a childhood dream. Being a model for some time, I was constantly encouraged to do so.
The greatest impact it had on my life was unexpectedly anthropological, more than any popularity it may have given me. In a competitive environment where you are judged externally and intellectually while embodying the clichéd grace under pressure, I learned how to sharply gauge a room, communicate my thoughts well and handle any situation with confidence.
These skills have been invaluable and indispensable now as I find myself in the marketing industry.