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Front or back nudity the trend in films?

Marco Gallo bared his butt in the Darryl Yap-megged Ang Manananggal Na Nahahati Ang Puso, streaming soon on Vivamax.



Impoverished breadwinners go frontal, the not-poor-at-all just show off their butts. That seems to be the rule (or trend) these days for male newcomer actors who want to make a big splash, and also for the not-so-new ones but are obsessed with stardom.

Sean de Guzman and all the male top-billers in the Joel Lamangan-helmed Anak ng Macho Dancer in 2020 belong to the first category.

Marco Gallo belongs to the second as seen the Darryl Yap-megged Ang Manananggal Na Nahahati Ang Puso, which is streaming soon on Vivamax.

Marco Gallo and Aubrey Caraan. / Photographs courtesy of Viva Films

The Fil-Italian Gallo, contemporary of James Reid on ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother-Teen Edition in 2017, gleefully showed his butt while taking a shower in their front yard with a garden hose.

Paolo Gumabao, who is not known to be a breadwinner, is an exception. He went frontal in Lockdown several times, along with other beefcakes, most likely from struggling families, waiting for nods to stardom.

Paolo is a half-brother of Marco Gumabao. Their dad is former actor Dennis Roldan who ended up in jail for a case of abduction for ransom. He was once a congressman, though he is still in jail now and leading Bible studies.

Sean de Guzman.

If Sean de Guzman has been signed by Viva, Paulo has been recruited by one of ABS-CBN’s talent management outfits. Sean is now teamed up with AJ Raval.

Marco, who studied in Ateneo, did butt exposure in 2020’s Just a Stranger, where he co-starred with Anne Curtis. It was his launching film directed by Jason Paul Laxamana.

Some quarters should be screaming “sexploitation of the hopeful youth!” but to do so seems out of synch in the pandemic. Hopefully, when the global malaise is gone, the young actors who have gone frontal or bared their butts will still be offered major roles in movies.