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As we continue to progress and multiply in population, so shall our garbage problem mount.



Men become heroes not so much because of how they die. Although the manner of, and reason for, one’s death contributes significantly to the public’s perception of his courage, it is, however, how he lives his life that largely qualifies him to a niche in the pantheon of heroes.

To live a life dedicated to the service of the people and the country is what heroism is all about. The willingness and readiness to give one’s all for the common good without thought of reward make heroes of ordinary men. That is why we call our doctors, health workers and frontliners our modern heroes.


Human rights

The concept of human rights transcends religious, national, racial and cultural boundaries. No government however strong, is imbued with the authority to deny to a person that which God has gifted him with.

Human rights is as old as the history of mankind. It’s this human right (to religious freedom) that served as the foundation upon which America was built. It was this human right (to political independence) that gave impetus to the Philippine Revolution of 1896 and the Philippine-American War of 1898. And it is human rights which will make this world a better, happier and safer place to live in, a world shrunk a hundredfold by advances in science, technology and communications.

Human rights suffer the most when times are abnormal. That is why the advocacy of human rights can, at times, be dangerous. The call for its advancement is loudest when respect for it is weakest.

The advocacy of human rights is not for the faint-hearted. It is for the strong, the dedicated and the persevering.



We strive to improve our quality of life and in the process, we spawn a host of problems. We have the means and expertise to create an abundant life and yet we are losing the battle against the cholesterol and fatty cells.

We have the technology to make travel faster and safer and yet we face an uphill fight against noise and chemical pollution. It took one virulent virus exactly the same time the fastest passenger airplane traveled from one nation to another to wreak death, havoc and devastation worldwide.

We all pray to the same God of peace and then we invoke His name and go to war against each other.

We produce thousands upon thousands of vehicles, consumer products and food each day, all in the name of progress and what do we get? Convenience and comfort on the plus side and a mountainous heap of garbage on the minus side.

As we continue to progress and multiply in population, so shall our garbage problem mount. While the preoccupation with the coronavirus problem may have diverted to some degree, government’s focus in addressing other concerns less pressing than the pandemic such as the garbage problem, it is not to say, however that the government has been short in its duty to address this problem.

It is just a question of priority and timing. The garbage problem will not go away and it has to be properly attended to with more focus when the right time comes. In the meantime, the government will just have to make sure that this garbage problem does not worsen.


Quotation of the day:

“We hand folks over to God’s mercy but show none ourselves.” — George Eliot