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Anne Curtis admits being a paranoid mom



Raising a one-year-old child has made It’s Showtime host Anne Curtis a paranoid mother.

In a virtual media conference, the first-time mom said she would worry about everything, even the small stuff, when it comes to her daughter Dahlia.

“Even with those little falls. I’m a praning (paranoid) mom. I’m the type who’s always on a call with my midwife when I was in Australia. Natatawa na lang siya sa phone (She would laugh at me),” she said.

Anne and Dahlia are featured in #PoweredUpProtection, the latest campaign of Johnson’s Baby.

“This is one of the scariest for first-time moms. As they get older, it becomes more fun. But that’s part of your journey to motherhood. There are more pros than cons,” Anne said.

It helps, Anne added, that her husband Erwan Heussaff is also a hands-on parent. “Bath time with Dahlia is something we look forward to doing,” she said. “We work as a team.”

Anne values time even more because of motherhood.

She said, “Before you think about yourself and not anyone else. When you become a mom, you value the time with your children. That’s your priority.”

Anne shares the best advice that she got from her mother: “Trust your mother’s instinct. First-time moms can be very doubtful if they’re doing it right. Be easy on yourself. Trust your own instincts because you are the best mom for your baby.”